Open Source CMS at Al Jazeera

By Deane Barker on September 17, 2012

Four reasons why an open-source newsroom is harder than it looks: Lessons from Al Jazeera: Here’s an interesting look at Al Jazeera’s CMS efforts and where open-source works and doesn’t.  Surprisingly, the solution is not commercial, but bespoke.

To them, open-source means leaving “development up to a community who decides when they want to build things for you,” explained one senior developer who did not want to be named to protect his job.

[…] it’s going to take a lot for Al Jazeera English, for example, to run solely on Drupal.

“For an organization, the open-source community is not sufficient to rely on for support for the long-term return on investment,” he said. “The day-to-day needs are not covered by the community, so more open-source developers are needed in-house for products. […[