Curt Schilling and the Saga of 38 Studios

By Deane Barker on September 4, 2012

End Game: I never even knew this happened: Red Sox legend Curt Schilling tried to create a MMORPG.  It was a six-year disaster and hurt a lot of people and took a lot of taxpayer money down with it.

Successful MMOs are incredibly lucrative, but they’re also the hardest type of game to build. You’re programming not just a game, explains Dan Scherlis, the first CEO of Turbine, a maker of MMOs, but a complex social system for thousands, if not millions, of users. A normal video game might require a couple of years to develop, but an MMO takes at least twice as long. Because of that, many gaming entrepreneurs start small, working their way up from something simple for a mobile device, or perhaps a single-player game for PlayStation or Xbox. But Schilling had grander ideas. He was going to challenge World of Warcraft.

Here’s the promo video (referenced in the article) of the game that never was.