OS Comparison

By Deane Barker on August 13, 2003

OS Shootout 2003: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP vs. Linux: Great article comparing these three OSs in a matrix with rows for UI, wireless support, CD burning, etc. Good place to see what the different OSs are better at. I only read halfway down the list, but it looked to me that Windows XP was coming out on top. Via LockerGnome.



  1. XP on top? Beauty in the eye of the beholder perhaps. (But who am I to talk, having spent so little time with XP.)

    It seemed to me that the author is obviously more familiar with using Microsoft products. I didn’t go through the whole list, but way too many of the items that the author seemed to have difficulty with on the Apple side are either non-issues or he’s terribly misinformed in regard to OS X.

  2. Let’s see if I can do this without my Mac bias showing. All in all this seemed like a pretty even comparison. After considering the comparison you are left with “which one works better for my situation?”.

    Some issues I have with their chart:

    1. SCSI – Apple was the first to use it in mass, but today it’s days appear to be numbered with the emergence of low cost, high speed IDE and USB drives.
    2. Tape Drives – Who has one of these at home? Backing up a server maybe, but consumers don’t use these.
    3. Floppy – To criticize Apple for not supporting the floppy drive when they openly declared it dead and removed it from their hardware doesn’t make much sense. I’d be hard pressed to find much that could still fit on one. Dell even stopped shipping PCs with floppies.
    4. Uninstall process – With rare exception, OS X doesn’t provide for the installation of system files (DLLs on Windows) when installing your average app. Everything the app needs is in one package. Removing it then just means trashing the package.
    5. Temp files – Due to the simplified install process in OS X, I don’t believe temp files even exist. You don’t need to remove what was never there.

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