By Deane Barker on March 4, 2003

When I was deciding whether or not to move off my custom-built blogging system, I flirted briefly with Radio Userland. What I really liked about that software was that it was a desktop app. I know that that’s verboten in our Web-based world, but it was really handy having a little icon in the system tray instead of having to go to the Web site, log-in, wait for the server to respond, etc.

Well, I’m writing this entry from w.bloggar, which is a desktop app that communicates with Movable Type via XML-RPC. It required absolutely no configuration on Movable Type — I just needed to enter my username and password, and point it at the mt-xmlrpc.cgi file on my install.

w.bloggar has a slick interface (non-WYSIWYG, but it has tabbed preview) with all the doo-dads: text-formatting, images, alignments, lists, etc. And — get this — it’s got a spell-checker. There’s a little button for “Posts” where I can download the last 5 or 10 posts (you can set the number) and pick one to edit. I make the changes locally, then post them back via XML-RPC. If something takes more that one session to write, I can save it as a .post file and come back to it later.

The only catch? It only does the title and the excerpt — no extended body (at least, not that I’ve seen yet — keep in mind that I’ve been working with it for all of 15 minutes now). I’ll keep working with it, so stay-tuned.



  1. What’s the deal with all of these blogger tools with no WYSIWYG support! The whole idea of using one of these monkeys is to make it easier to post to your site. Why are there so few that support this feature, and yet you can do this in any number of ways with an embedded IE control?

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