Video Game Pioneers

By Deane Barker on August 4, 2012

10 video game firsts: I enjoyed this article, which reveals the owner of these titles.

  • First 3D shooter
  • First cutscenes
  • First real-time-strategy game
  • First online multiplayer game
  • First handheld game
  • First virtual online world
  • First ‘Sims’-type game
  • First sports game
  • First full musical score
  • First downloadable game service

It’s a nice walk down memory lane, though I maintain that Mattel’s Football was the first handheld game.  I played that thing for hours.

And Space Invaders had cut scenes?  Sure enough.  Fast forward to about 1:30.



  1. I liked the green Football 2 that let you pass and run backwards, and I also played a lot of the handball basketball. Many a long car ride spent playing those handhelds.

  2. I didn’t get the Mattel Football game, but I bought Football II (so you could pass), Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer. I still have them, and they still work. Let me know if you want to play. :)

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