The Genesis of #NBCFail

By Deane Barker on August 3, 2012

Meet the man who started #NBCFail: CNN tracks down the guy who started the #NBCFail hash tag.

Marx, a Web designer in Peoria, Illinois, is credited by the blog Mashable with creating that conversation in reference to the London Games. “Interesting how NBC never mentions you need a cable/satellite subscription w/MSNBC/CNBC to view any coverage online. We’re screwed. #NBCFail,” Marx wrote on his Twitter account on July 26, the day before the Opening Ceremonies in London.
He was surprised by the heated and hilarious conversation that followed.

These things always interest me – small moments that give rise to grassroots empowerment.  Reminds me of the guy who live-tweeted the operation to kill Bin Laden.