No More Outlook Express

By Deane Barker on August 13, 2003

Microsoft kills off Outlook Express: This was probably inevitable, but it makes you wonder what Microsoft’s entry-level, bundled email program is going to be. Are they going to push MSN as the email program for new machines?

”’[Outlook Express] just sits where it is,’ said Dan Leach, lead product manager for Microsoft’s information worker product management group. ‘The technology doesn’t go away, but no new work is being done. It is consumer e-mail in an early iteration, and our investment in the consumer space is now focused around Hotmail and MSN. That’s where we’re putting the emphasis in terms of new investment and new development work.’”



  1. After reading that MS is going to dump Outlook Express to work on MSN and Hotmail I say someone needs to figure out how to just Dump Microsoft with something user friendly (not Linux or Unix). I have totally banned Hotmail at home due to the amount of spam that they allow to pass through their servers on to my kids machines. Hotmail is the very worst, what makes me maddest though are all the ocmmercials MSN has of their stupid butterfly man stopping virus’s and cleaning up (representing that MSN prevents virus’s and stops spam) what a crock! AGAIN MSN is the very worst!

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