Virus Delivery Via SneakerNet

By Deane Barker on July 11, 2012

Cybercriminals do attempt to commit espionage at DSM: Here’s an English translation of a Dutch article about how criminals tried to get malware into a company.

Data Criminals have made ​​an attempt to steal passwords and usernames of DSM employees. They put several USB sticks in the parking lot of the multinational, which were programs that were capable of usernames and passwords to a remote site to send.

Now, this might seem silly, if not for the fact that this is exactly how Stuxnet got delivered into the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran — the virus found its way onto physical media (including laptops) which were physically carried into the facility and connected to the network.  I just read this Wired write-up, which is a great analysis of Stuxnet in general.  I wonder if the “delivery by SneakerNet” technique will get used more often?