Hard Drive in a Mouse

By Deane Barker on August 11, 2003

IOGEAR mouse has 32MB of memory: I don’t quite understand the point, but it’s neat. For Macs only.

“IOGEAR has launched Memory Mouse, a mini mouse that can store files up to 32MB using flash memory. It’s compatible with Mac OS X. ‘The Memory Mouse appears on your desktop as a drive and is drag and drop,’ IOGEAR representative Noah Dye told MacCentral.”

Via Gizmodo.



  1. Don’t know why this should be a Mac only thing; it’s basically just a bit of flash memory in the thing, and last I checked those things would work on Macs or PC’s.

    But I’m with you, Deane; what’s the point? I’d rather have the flash memory on a stick that I can take with me without taking the mouse.

  2. It’s really small and lightweight. So you’re getting the memory stick and an optical mouse in one product.

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