By Deane Barker on August 10, 2003

What’s in a name? A $1m internet bungle: I include this because I’m a Kiwi ex-patriate and because the bit at the end of this quote is priceless.

“Trade NZ embarrassed the government in its ‘regrettable’ legal pursuit for the domain name — and then spent $1 million without official approval to buy it, papers show. The government agency now admits it broke the rules in its haste to acquire the website address, including filing legal action under the wrong minister’s name and without his permission.

‘Not content with blowing a million bucks, they also made New Zealand a laughing stock internationally, which they are quite capable of doing every day for free anyway,’ [an official] said.”

Via Up2Speed.



  1. This sucks, there is nothing aboot newzealand here! what kind of idiotic mormon are you, get it right you reject. What is your problem anyways

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