Changing URL Schemes

By Deane Barker on August 10, 2003

How-to Change a Movable Type URL Structure and Survive to Tell About It: Oliver Travers has a good tutorial on changing your URL structure, and how to do it without losing any traffic.

This is timely for me since I changed the URL structure of this site a few weeks ago and there has been some pain involved. My new URL structure incorporates the entry title, so if the title of the entry changes, so does the URL (see the comments in The Case of Randal Schwartz).

Tricky business, but I’m anal retentive about clean URLs.



  1. As perhaps an exclamation point to this discussion, I misspelled the title of this entry when posting it (I said “Changed URL Schemes” instead of “Changing URL Schemes”).

    I caught and corrected this five minutes later, but if you bookmarked the entry in those five minutes, you now have a bad link.

    Not sure what I’m going to do about this.

  2. If you resigned yourself to tracking them all, you could do a database lookup from the 404 page. Make the 404 a PHP script that checks a lookup table for the URL they were bound for and the new URL of the page, then redirect. This would work, but you’d have to “register” each page in the table.

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