Siouxland Linux Users Group

By Deane Barker on August 10, 2003

SLUG | Siouxland Linux Users Group: To all my Sioux Falls readers:

“SLUG (Siouxland Linux Users Group) was formed to intoduce new ideas, information, and to answer questions that others may have about GNU/Linux. GNU/Linux is free software avaibale to you no matter what “computer level” you are on. Plus it is all Open Source. The meetings are free for ALL to join from the newbies to the typical computer geek. Other free operating systems are welcome (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)”



  1. I absolutely loved the ideas about how to get rid of windows. Still chuckling even as I tap. The Windows are there, like them or not. They have stretched their fingers into every nook and cranny of our collective bodies. Across the globe the flag flies high, and it is recognized by all. I am one very disgruntled user of ’98’ and got into it quite by accident. Been using the puter since 10-10-04 and now that I know what I know I am doing my next install based on LINUX. Forgive me for pronouncing it like the Peanuts Charcter(Linus), that is how I thought it was supposed to be pronounced when I first came across it on the web the first of this year. Gets a little lol every time I say it that way around folks who know. Anyway, God bless, and let me know if LINUX has a flag that they would like flown on Highway 14 in Brookings, SD. PREACHER.

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