Simplified WordPress?

By Deane Barker on May 30, 2012

New ‘radically simplified’ WordPress is on the way: File this under “interesting.”

WordPress […] releasing a much simpler version designed to work on mobile.

Speaking at the paidContent 2012 event on Wednesday, Mullenweg said that he had been hard at work coming up with a new interface that will eradicate some of the complexity that WordPress is usually associated with.

I find this a little odd. To reduce complexity, refining a SaaS product would seem to be a more natural choice.



  1. Speaking of WordPress, since when is Gadgetopia running on WP? I always thought you were quite happy with Moveable Type. That being said, welcome to the world of WP! :)

  2. We redesigned and moved it over late last week. I was resisting WP for some elitist reason, but decided that the underlying technology isn’t what’s important about the blog, and I should just go with what works best. It’s tough to beat WP for a blog, really.

    I had been one Movable Type for almost 10 years. Seriously.

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