Fixing Apple Gadgets is Hard

By Deane Barker on March 19, 2012

Three Ways We Hoped the iPad Would Be Better (But Wasn’t): Here’s an interesting perspective on Apple products – since you can’t open them, you effectively can’t repair them, which means when they break, you more-or-less throw them out.

We’ve given the new iPad one of the lowest repairability scores we’ve ever given a major product: 2 out of 10. […] We’ve also retroactively downgraded our original iPad 2 score from 4 out of 10 to 2. These devices are very difficult to get into, and they’re selling like hotcakes—slick hotcakes encased in breakable glass.

[…] If Apple is going to be at the head of the pack, we must ask them to lead responsibly. And in electronics, leading responsibly means that your devices must be sustainably made and designed to last. Designed for use. Designed for repair. Designed for a more sustainable future.

The guys at iFixIt might be a little biased, since their site appears to be all about fixing Apple products.  If you can’t fix them, you have little need for their site.

The corresponding Reddit thread has some good commentary on both sides of the argument.