Ray Noorda

By Deane Barker on August 9, 2003

The grumpy grandfather at the heart of the SCO-Linux mess: An interesting look at Ray Noorda, Novell, and how they play into the big debate.

“It’s a company that founder Ray Noorda wanted to take on Microsoft, while promoting open-source networks. So it’s fitting that Novell, which kept for years to its own, declining brand of network operating system, finally would convert to the Linux movement — at a time when another company controlled by Noorda is claiming its software code was confiscated for Linux.”



  1. I concieved and sold the first micro-computer CNC & shortly after the first workgroup in about 1969. Ray Noorda was then the CEO, GM of General Electric’s Controls Division in Richmond, VA. They bid on my rfq, but were way high.

    After visiting all the Micro Computer manufacturers in theUSA and giving up finding people that understood RealTime and what my concept was all about. The bigest hurdle was how I intended to make it work on those weak systems. I met a couple of very bright engineers ( ex. General Electric Industrial Automation Phoenix ) at General Automation, Katella Avenue Anhiem, CA. $50,000 later and about three months we showed the very first Micro-Computer CNC at NEPCON Anahiem February 1970!!!!!!!

    A very OLEGEEK, Herb Reed 46 years a geek, a poor one at that.

    Wanta know more, let me know.

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