Hiking Through Software Development

By Deane Barker on January 28, 2012

Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2-3?: This is an epic answer at Quota to the question of my software development estimates are so consistently poor.  The author has a running analogy of a hypothetical hike from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which looks simple on a map, but is not so simple once you’re on the ground.

OK, that line is about 400 miles long, We can walk 4 miles per hour for 10 hours per day, so we’ll be there in 10 days. We call our friends and book dinner for next Sunday night. They can’t wait to see us!

We get up early the next day giddy with the excitement of fresh adventure. We strap on our backpacks, whip out our map, and plan day one. We take a look at the map. Uh oh […]