The Legend of Kimble

By Deane Barker on January 25, 2012

Mega-man: The fast, fabulous, and fraudulent life of Kim Dotcom: Here’s a great profile of Kimble [insert honorific here].

The man once known as Kim Schmitz (and as Kimble, and as Kim Tim Jim Vestor, and finally as Kim Dotcom), now awaiting extradition from New Zealand to face charges of conspiracy, money laundering and copyright crimes in the US, has enveloped his actual life in a cloud of hype and bluster that echo the worst of the dot-com bubble from which he took his new surname. In 2001, the Telegraph called Schmitz “a PR man’s nightmare and a journalist’s dream.”

I loved Kimble back in the day.  I was starry-eyed over his “Kimble: Secret Agent” video, and his supposedly amazing lifestyle (one NSFW image in there).  Kimble was the embodiment of the “anything is possible” vibe at the peak of the bubble when I was a young developer.

Alas, this has all caught up with him.  Kimble currently awaits extradition in New Zealand.



  1. While I am normally on the side of the file-sharers, I’m glad this guy is gone. He was obviously a person who enjoyed flaunting his wealth in the most disgusting of ways. I don’t appreciate people who don’t have a scrap of humbleness.

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