Flipping the Teaching Experience

By Deane Barker on January 16, 2012

Flipping the classroom: Here’s an interesting discussion about a new method of teaching – having students view the lectures online, and then do interactive education in the classroom.

They will not get a lecture from Ms Cadwell, because they have already viewed, at home, various lectures as video clips on KhanAcademy (given by Salman Khan, its founder). And Ms Cadwell, logged in as a “coach”, can see exactly who has watched which. This means that class time is now free for something else: one-on-one instruction by Ms Cadwell, or what used to be known as tutoring.

So, essentially, you’re “flipping” the experience.  The idea is that lectures are very one-way, so it’s inefficient to spend valuable classroom time on this when it can be delivered via other methods.  Classroom time should be spent interactively working through problem sets while you have the teacher and students in the same room.