OASIS Takes on WEM

By Deane Barker on January 14, 2012

OASIS Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI) : Web Experience Management (WEM, or any of about a half-dozen other crapronyms) is getting serious about standardization.

The OASIS WEMI TC works to define a simple domain model for delivering aggregated content into a total Web Experience. When complete, WEMI’s abstract feature set will constitute an international open standard, widely implementation by WCM/WEM systems.

I think they’ll have a tough go of it – there’s just so much interpretation in this space right now.  Here’s a couple prior blog posts about it:

In general, it refers to the concentration of functionality in the delivery tier – things like personalization, marketing automation, etc.  At least, that’s what I think it refers to, and therein lies the problem. Looking at scope of work on the OASIS site, they cite these use cases:

For the initial set of deliverables, the TC will target a very focused set of use cases:

  • Display and Mashup Content from a WCM
  • Index Content and Metadata
  • Export all Content / Migration

I guess that sorta fits my definition.  Maybe.

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