Cloudmakers: The AI Game

By Deane Barker on December 20, 2011

Artificial Intelligence: I loved this description of an augmented reality game played online with the released of AI in 2001. I had no idea this happened:

On the bottom right “S” in “Summer 2001,” you may notice five little hash marks.  The “U” has none, but the other letters and numbers each have at least one — 3 on each of the “M”s, two on the “E,” etc.  In total, including the blank “U,” we get ten numerals — which, in the U.S., is the number of numerals in a phone number.  In this case, it’s (503) 321-5122.  Call that number today and you’ll be asked to set up your voicemail box.  But if you called that number in 2001, you received a clue […]

It goes on the involve websites, email, etc.  There’s a detailed guide to the game available via Wayback here.



  1. augmented reality is realy a great thing. I´ve doesn´t known before that games exist that use already augmented reality but that´s realy a great idea. Particularly for mobile games or online games augmented reality is a nice thing. E.g it can be possible that you can connect your real life with your favorite game. I’m curious what the future brings :)

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