Don Draper Was No Math Whiz

By Deane Barker on October 31, 2011

Advertising Companies Fret Over a Digital Talent Gap: Advertising in new media is getting awfully complex, to the point where some of the new advertising rockstars are mathematicians, rather than creatives.  The ability to serve ads to specific segments requires a brand new type of talent that ad agencies aren’t used to hiring, and they’re having a serious problem finding this talent.

The increasing ability for marketers to put specific ads in front of specific viewers at specific times, whether on mobile devices or personal computers, also creates a need for employees who can conceptualize and execute simultaneous concepts. Mr. Zawadzki said the future for creative talent would be “to come up with thousands of ideas, put them out there and see what works.”

Jennifer Seidel, the executive vice president for agency relations and membership at the American Association of Advertising Agencies, said agencies that were more general in their focus were having a harder time attracting talent with deep digital or quantitative skills.