Sell Big or Die Fast

By Deane Barker on September 6, 2011

Sell Big or Die Fast: Interesting look at how technology products have to sell a lot, right away, or risk getting cut quickly.  There’s no room for laggards anymore; no room for products that need time to mature.  It’s become like primetime TV – put up the numbers right away, or get canceled.

Seven weeks after it was put on sale, Hewlett-Packard killed its TouchPad tablet, the company’s competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Hewlett-Packard killed the TouchPad after 48 days, cut the price and created a buying frenzy.
Last year, Microsoft pulled the plug on its Kin mobile phones only 48 days after they went on sale.

In recent years, technology companies have been cutting their losses with increasing speed. Google proudly released Wave, its platform of collaborative work tools, to the general public in May 2010. It canceled Wave 77 days later. Palm announced its first tablet, the Foleo, on May 30, 2007. By Sept. 4, the company halted development and the product was never sold.

Pure Digital, maker of the Flip camcorder, had planned to release the Flip-Live on April 13, but Cisco, which had acquired Pure Digital in 2009, shut the entire division on April 12.