By Deane Barker on August 7, 2003

Water — Waterlanguage.org: If you like XML and have ever wanted to program with it, your language has arrived.

“Water is a new all-purpose Web programming language that delivers both power and simplicity. Water is as easy as BASIC and as powerful as LISP. It is a pure Web services platform with Object-oriented XML, ConciseXML syntax, and OO Capability security.”

There’s also an interview with the creators over at TechTarget. But before you get too excited, refer back to my platform rant and then do something good in whatever language you’re programming with now.



  1. In my .NET training a few months back, I vaguely remember the instructor mentioning that Microsoft is developing an XML .NET language named simply “X.NET”. They’re expecting it to be the next big thing.

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