Pinned Sites in IE

By Deane Barker on August 10, 2011

Build My Pinned Site: I’m really impressed with this idea of “Pinned Sites” from Microsoft, though I don’t use IE, so its utility is kind of lost on me.

The essential idea is that users can add sites to their taskbar – you get an icon on the taskbar, and when they right-click, all sorts of stuff pops-up.

You can dynamically change the options there, to highlight new content. Additionally, the icon can change based on changes on the site, so you “push” notifications to the icon (though I’m sure it polls on intervals), so it changes in the taskbar to show that something is new.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “who is going to do that?”  Granted, for public websites, it might not be that used, but what about for web app-ish things?  We use Open Atrium for knowledge sharing at Blend, and I think it’d be pretty handy to have an icon for that which changed to tell me something new was posted, and on which I could right-click and get a list of the latest content posted and jump right to it.

This blurs the line between site and app, and I like that.  I think there’s room for sites you really trust and use a lot, and want to “deepen” your relationship with.  This is a nice way to do it.

(And, big props to Microsoft for doing this in Javascript with a jQuery extension.  Nice work fellas.)



  1. Definitely a nice feature…hopefully some of the other browsers pick up on that idea. I think with HTML5 starting to be more defined and used in more areas the lines between “website” and website and web apps are going to be completely blurred in many cases.

    Also, thanks for pointing out Atrium, definitely looks like it’s worth the time of trying it out.

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