Vertical Doors Revisited

By Deane Barker on August 4, 2011

The new Mercedes SLS AMG has gullwing doors (just like its namesake).  We’ve talked about this a bit in the past:

[…] safety in an accident. Remember that these doors open upwards — over the roof of the car. This means that the doors would not open if a car rolled onto its roof. […] Both doors open the same direction — to the top. So this means that if a car did end up on its roof, neither door would open and your Civic would become a nice little bank vault.

So, Mercedes has a heck of a solution:

Ten to fifteen milliseconds after a detected rollover, explosive bolts situated at the top of the door frame fire and bell cranks separate the doors from the car for easy exit during a serious accident

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  1. How very cool: I roll my car, and my doors explode. And even if I don’t roll my car, I’m driving around with electronics that could malfunction and blow my doors off on the highway. The thrill of driving is back!

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