So many jokes…

By Deane Barker on July 29, 2011

Are Internet Explorer users dumb?: There are no words for how many jokes exist here.

The survey by AptiQuant, a Vancouver-based Web consulting company, gave more than 100,000 participants an IQ test, while monitoring which browser they used to take the test.

The result? Internet Explorer users scored lower than average, while Chrome, Firefox and Safari users were slightly above average.

And users of the more obscure Camino and Opera browsers, as well as those using Explorer with Chrome Frame (a plug-in designed to let users view emerging HTML5 content), had what AptiQuaint called “exceptionally higher” IQ levels.



  1. All that proves is the IQ of the average IE user is lower than the average IQ of people willing to take an online IQ test. ;o)

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