3D Printing

By Deane Barker on July 13, 2011

3D Printer: You can consider my mind totally and completely blown by this. I’m not even going to pretend like I’m nonchalant – this is insane.

Update: it’s so awesome that Snopes felt the need to go on the record about it.



  1. One half of my geeky soul says (a) Wait a minute, let me put some real torque on that wrench, and (b) 40 microns? We still have a long way to go toward heisenberg compensators.

    But my other geeky half simply says, “Wow!”

  2. My engineer brother-in-law prints parts from CAD drawings, but he’s just printing parts, not complete assemblies and he has to draw the whole thing out in CAD. Wow!

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