WSJ’s Confusing Mobile App Design

By Deane Barker on July 6, 2011

Why WSJ Mobile App Gets ** Customer Reviews: Jakob Neilsen excoriates the Wall Street Journal for a mobile app design that blatantly makes uses think they have to re-subscribed to get mobile access to articles they’re already paying for.

It’s clear that people are deeply offended by being asked to pay again for mobile access to the newspaper when they’re already paying for a subscription.

I would agree with these users if in fact they were being charged twice for the same articles. But they’re not. Mobile app access is free to paying website subscribers: they simply have to log in with their existing userid and password.



  1. You mean, like the way makes you pay once for web access to Game Day Audio, and then again for the same thing from the android (AtBat Android app), and then yet again for the same thing from the iPad (AtBat iPad app)?

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