Goodbye RedDot

By Deane Barker on June 30, 2011

A Requiem for RedDot: Goodbye to one of the Old Guard.

In practical terms, the Web Site Management offering is in a death spiral. The most telling indicator is a near complete evaporation of its North American and UK partner channels. There are fewer and fewer people around who know how to keep a RedDot implementation stable, let alone healthy. That’s irrevocably bad.

I remember sitting through a RedDot demo at Intranets 2001.  Back then, it was called RedDot because there was literally a little red dot next to anything you could edit on the screen.  (Ektron did the same thing a couple years ago, but with a little blue dot – I thought was pretty funny.)



  1. RedDot was Ektron’s biggest competitor back around 2004/2005, no surprise they copied them. Personally I always liked the green borders around the editable stuff.

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