UPS Lightweight Trucks

By Deane Barker on June 9, 2011

UPS tries to save fuel by cutting weight: I’d say this was brilliant, if it wasn’t so flippin’ obvious.

The delivery giant is testing a pilot fleet of five trucks made from lightweight composite materials. They are about 1,000 pounds, or 10%, lighter than today’s familiar brown truck — called “package cars” by UPS — which is built to UPS specs by multiple makers.

Because they weigh less, they can have smaller diesel engines that save 40% on fuel use — without the complexity of high-tech batteries, hybrid systems or other advanced technology issues that can run up total costs.



  1. That won’t matter much if the drivers keep driving like they do. Just yesterday we had a delivery at the house, when the driver took off it was like he was trying to lay rubber in front of our yard.

  2. Instant acceleration and braking consumes lot of fuel, so it has been strictly mentions in the manuals that drive to economy to get better fuel economy. It practically very true.

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