#NpTalk Chat about Content Management

By Deane Barker on May 25, 2011

I did a Twitter chat today about content management for non-profits.  I hope it was interesting for all the participants – that link goes to the transcript (although, pretty sure you could just search the #nptalk hash tag too).

#NpTalk is a series of chats for non-profits about the Web and how to best use it, run by Nicole Harrison.

The purpose of #NpTalk is to connect and empower people looking for ways to advance nonprofit missions with new technologies.We are committed to building a community that is open to discussion, growth and innovation.

Here are some tweets from that chat that must have stuck out as they’re getting retweeted and favorited quite a bit:

CMS is not just about updating content online. It’s about enhancing content for delivery.Making content more valuable and effective.

[…] Never forget: the community working around a system is just as important a CMS feature as ANYTHING else. Maybe more so.

[…] CMS used to be all about management. But that’s a somewhat solved problem. Nowadays, it’s about enhancing delivery.

[…] For a straight blog, choosing WordPress is an absolute no-brainer. Ditto for a dozen-page, brochureware site.

[…] Avoidance of licensing fees is not the biggest reason to use open-source. More important is the community working with the product.

[…] Have vendors or integrators demo YOUR usage scenarios. Don’t let them pick what they’re going to show you.

(To do the chat, I used TweetChat, which was pretty neat.  You sign into your Twitter account and enter a hash tag to follow.  It shows only tweets with that hashtag, and lets you “highlight” specific users (the chat host or guest, for instance), so they stick out more.  When you post directly from TweetChat, it automatically appends the hashtag you’re following and gives you length warning, taking into account the length of the hashtag.)