Halo Features in Content Management

By Deane Barker on March 23, 2011

8 CMS features customers want but never use: Janus Boye nails this list of features customers ask for but never use.  First on his list is also first on mine.

Workflow is something most customers ask for, but the vast majority don’t use it. Some use very simple approval processes, but that’s quite far from some of the wizz-bang visual workflow creation tools that I’ve seen in sales meetings.

I maintain that 90% of workflows are simple serial approvals, and 99% of those are one-step.

I find that a lot of these features are “halo features.”  Dodge probably lost money on every sale of a Viper, but it was a halo car — it cast a positive light on the brand.  Maybe some guy was more likely to buy the Stratus because it came from the same lineage as the Viper.  And maybe some prospect will look more favorably on the rest of a content management system because the workflow was so snazzy.

For more on this, see “Theoretical vs. Actual Functionality.”

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