Why Are You People Defending Apple?

By Deane Barker on February 17, 2011

Why Are You People Defending Apple?: I love this post.  Love, love, love it.

I’m amazed that all the Mac fanboys who screamed and yelled about Microsoft in 90s are suddenly silent about the fact that Apple has become just as sick and twisted.  Just because your OS is pretty, doesn’t make Apple any less disgusting.

I don’t like the precedents that Apple continues to set. The App Store has existed for less than three years, and Apple has been drastically changing the rules on the fly, ruining some businesses and hampering others. It took years to reveal its developer guidelines in the first place, and, even when it actually printed some guidelines, it’s continued to arbitrarily change how it’s enforcing them.

[…] I’m sure this post will invite a throng of Apple advocates to poke holes in my logic […]. Let’s hope some of these arguments do something to allay the sinking feeling I’ve got in my stomach as I imagine a world where a significant number of the world’s computer users are locked behind a 30% toll being enforced by one of the most monolithic companies around.



  1. Say what you will about Microsoft, but at least I can port my applications, documents, and music to another system without running into road blocks. It is Apple’s proprietary methodology that keeps me from buying their products.

  2. Because they wouldn’t be called fanboys is they actually thought for themself instead of blindly defending the “party” line.

    If you ever want to see a fanboy’s head explode show them the superbowl commercial.

    I think it’s time alot of people learned to “think differently.” ;-)

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