Finally, a webOS Tablet: the HP TouchPad

By Deane Barker on February 9, 2011

HP unveils TouchPad tablet using Palm’s webOS: I so, so hope this works out.  I had a Palm Pre for 18 months and loved it.  webOS is a really great system, and I hope Palm gets some traction with it.

Palm went “all-in” with its then-new webOS operating system when it debuted the Palm Pre in January 2009. Despite rave reviews of the webOS platform, the Pre and its smaller sister, the Pixi, never quite caught on with consumers.

After buying Palm, HP opted to scale up webOS, saying it would eventually become a platform that goes beyond just smartphones. HP will also unveil webOS printers and PCs later on, the company said.

The OS has failed so far to attract application developers, but HP announced several new high-profile app partners, including Amazon’s Kindle app, Facebook and Fortune parent company Time Inc.

It would be really tragic for webOS to die.  I think this is its last gasp, really.