Readability as a Service

By Deane Barker on February 1, 2011

Apps Customize How Users Read Content Online: Interesting to see how Readability is trying to put together a business model.  I love it, personally, and would be tempted to pay for it if there was a compelling benefit.

On Tuesday, the developers behind the tool will unveil a service that requires a subscription fee of at least $5 a month. The service, also called Readability, plans to distribute 70 percent of that fee to the news outlets and blogs that each subscriber is reading.

For example, if a subscriber is a regular visitor to the gadget blog Gizmodo and the women’s news site The Hairpin over the course of a month, Readability will calculate what percentage of her payment should go to each site and send them checks.

I appreciated the Times likening this movement to the DVR. Just another way for people to cut out the crap they don’t want. And this what happens when you fill your pages up with crap.  (See “Fun with Screen Area Analysis” from a couple years ago.)

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