Delicious Will Likely Die

By Deane Barker on December 20, 2010

Former Yahoo Exec: “Delicious Is in Peril,” Sale Unlikely: Rumors have been swirling all week, and now an insider is saying Delicious is going to die, not be sold.

While rumors and responses about bookmarking service Delicious swirl around the web, one former Yahoo and Delicious employee who maintains close ties with relevant teams says the service’s future is most certainly in jeopardy — in fact, he speculates that while the data may end up stored somewhere, the service itself has a slim chance of survival.

I always found Delicious to be the ultimate manifestation of tagging.  They had the concept of tagging down to an absolute science, and did more with it than anyone else.  It had a marvelous purity about it – the entire site ran on tags; tags were almost its reason for being.