e-books: Cover Anonymity

By Deane Barker on December 9, 2010

Romance Books Are Hot in the E-Reading Market: This is an article about romance novels as e-books, which incidentally raises an interesting point: with an e-book, no one can see what you’re reading.  There’s some interesting social impact to this, I think.

Sarah Wendell, blogger and co-author of “Beyond Heaving Bosoms,” is passionate about romance novels.

Except for the covers, with their images of sinewy limbs, flowing, Fabio-esque locks or, as she put it, “the mullets and the man chests.”

“They are not always something that you are comfortable holding in your hand in public,” Ms. Wendell said.

Soon to be gone, I suppose, are the days of striking up a conversation about a book someone in the plane seat next to you is reading.

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