By Deane Barker on August 15, 2010

Frink: I’ve gotta say I’m a little intrigued with Frink.  It’s a programming language…sort of.  It’s more a calculation engine, really, for real world physics-related information, with all sorts of real-world constants built-in.

Need to convert feet to meters?

38 feet -> meters

Simple enough.  How about finding out how many standard oil barrels filled with water it would take to equal a half-ton?

half ton -> barrels water

How many gallons of water would it take to fill your bedroom?

10 feet 12 feet 8 feet -> gallons
552960/77 (approx. 7181.298701298701)

How much would that weigh?

10. feet 12 feet 8 feet water -> pounds

It goes beyond physics.  Frink does things with strings too:

"I will not buy this record; it is scratched." -> Spanish
No compraré este expediente; se rasguña.

"Én már nem vagyok fert?zött." -> guessLanguage
[hu, Hungarian, 0.42290825, false]

And dates:

#1969-08-19 16:54 Mountain# + 1 billion seconds
AD 2001-04-27 06:40:40.000 PM (Fri) Mountain Daylight Time

Money, in historical terms (how much would $1,250 from 1867 be worth today?):

1250 dollar_1867 -> dollar

Current exchange rates

600 baht -> USD

You can embed Frink in Java.  Love to see an embeddable version for .Net.



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