Why the Hacker Community Hates Adrian Lamo

By Deane Barker on August 2, 2010

WikiLeaks ‘Snitch’ Hacker Adrian Lamo Faces Wrath of His Peers: A summary article about how and why Adrian Lamo – former cause célèbre in hacker circles – turned Pfc. Bradley Manning over to authorities for leaking the Collateral Murder video.

Evidently the 22-year-old Army intelligence analyst [Manning] was something of a fan. He knew a lot about Lamo when he contacted him on May 21, and no doubt he believed he was reaching out to a kindred spirit.

But Lamo quickly became concerned by the amount of classified material Manning had lifted. […]

Fearing such a breach would jeopardize national security, Lamo passed on what he knew to his ex, who happened to work for Army counterintelligence. His suspicions were apparently confirmed.

[…] Lamo and Manning chatted for only five days, but for the last three, Lamo was secretly cooperating with federal agents. While he regrets not being a better friend to Manning, he said, “the needs of the many” trumped “the need of the one to have a friend.”