Like a Blog about Blogging

By Deane Barker on July 23, 2010

please welcome back to our stage: This is a short post, ostensibly about the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien thing (Ian is a screenwriter by trade), but it includes this gem:

To me, if you get rid of dramas and put a celebrity talk show in its place, you’re beginning a death spiral where there are a hundred talk shows with nobody to talk to. Leno at 10pm replaced the very shows that would have created the stars he wanted to interview. It was like tearing down a Victorian mansion to build a Center for Victorian Mansion Preservation.

Yeah, I know that’s too lofty a pedestal for most television dramas, but the point stands. It reminds me a little of our current digital lives – so many places to connect, so many Facebook messages, so many tweets, so many platforms – yet little original content, causing social media to spend a lot of time talking about itself. It’s not a bad thing from the get-go, but it is unsustainable.