New Security Survey

By Deane Barker on August 6, 2003

Forget Your Password?: A new survey is out today about password security. It ain’t pretty.

“In a survey of 3,000 administrators, managers and security specialists, Rainbow found that 55 percent of users write their passwords down at least once and that nine percent write down every password at some point. Even worse, 40 percent of the respondents said their users share passwords with co-workers or other people.”

I wonder if the “administrators, managers and security specialists” were talking about their own password security, or that of their users. And if it was about their users, then was this just their perception, or did they have some objective end-user data?



  1. Well, I could tell you about the teacher (no longer with my district) who had her password tacked to her bulletin board. Or the interns we had from a local tech school who would yell passwords to each other from across the room full of students. But I won’t. It’s too depressing. ;)

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