Like, Python

By Deane Barker on March 14, 2010

Like, Python: I can’t decide whether this is stupid, or awesome:

Like, Python uses Python’s own tokenizer to essentially add keywords to Python’s lexical understanding. Python is a subset of Like, Python, so any script you’ve already written in Python is valid Like, Python and will run in the interpreter. But you can also write like you’d speak.

So, you get something like this:

uh from sys import exit

# Grab the user's name.
ok so like name = raw_input("yo! what's your name?" ) right

# Make sure they entered something, then say hi.
if name.strip() is actually like "":
    toootally just exit()
     um yeah
     print like "Hi %s, nice to meet you." % name

This was sent to me by Seth Gottlieb.  Figures.