Battelle Expands The Database of Intentions

By Deane Barker on March 14, 2010

The Database of Intentions Is Far Larger Than I Thought: John Battelle updates his Database of Intentions to include concepts like The Social Graph and The Status Update from the social networking explosion since he last wrote about it.

Taken together (and honestly, there’s really no other way to think about it, to my mind), these signals form a Database of Intentions that is magnitudes of order larger, more complex, and more powerful than my original concept back in 2003. And while the current players in each category are clear, what’s also clear is that the battle is on to control each of these critical signals.

Before reading this, you really need to read the first Database of Intentions post from back in 2003.  Or his book.

I absolutely believe in the Database of Intentions.  Both in a larger, Internet sense, and in an organizational, intranet sense.  It seems simple – what people are searching for and clicking through to is what people want.  That concept, however, often gets ignored in when doing more practical things like content planning or traffic analysis.