EPiServer Goes Public

By Deane Barker on March 11, 2010

EPiServer Trumps Competition, Decides to Go Public: This is neat to see.  Not many pure CMS companies are public.

EPiServer is preparing to go public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Being one of the few in its Web CMS market segment to be public, this move gives the company a certain advantage.

For buyers, it is going to be easier to evaluate a public company, since all the financials will be out in the open. One might say that no one cares about that, but the reality shows a different picture. No one wants to indulge in guesswork when investing in a Web CMS product and vendor. As we know, this deal is just like marriage.

As soon as I can figure out how to buy something on the Stockholm exchange, I’ll invest.



  1. If you’re really interested, here are three articles about how to do this; I skimmed each of these and on a quick look the first article seems best. Keep in mind that foreign investment can be riskier than other investments because of country-specific risks (probably low in this case, but I don’t know) and currency risk (exchange rate fluctuation):

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