Intranet time savings do NOT extrapolate linearly

By Deane Barker on January 12, 2010

25 reasons why saving time on your intranet is a bad metric : James Robertson handily demolishes one of my pet peeves – the simplistic claim that saving one employee 10 seconds on some intranet-based task will linearly scale for 10,000 employees, resulting in massive dollars saved overall.

This is a very fun pipe dream, but as Robertson demonstrates, it crumbles as a real-world metric.

Can we realise the value? In financial jargon, financial benefits must be “realised”, before they count. In other words, if we save $1.7 million, can we get this as cash or equivalent?

[…] Time saving and productivity is complex. So we’ve saved each staff member 2 minutes a day, do they now spend all that time in productive ways? Or do they spend it reading the newspaper or chatting on Facebook? Some while back I read research on how different types of staff make use of time savings, and it highlighted big differences between blue collar, white collar and senior managers.

Jakob Nielsen does this, and it drives me nuts, despite my loving everything else he does.



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