MT5 – Worth the Wait?

By Deane Barker on January 11, 2010

Movable Type 5 — too little, too late? : CMSWatch kind of craps on the MT5 parade.

[…] the interface has certainly been freshened up a lot. It looks a lot more coherent and modern. In fact, it looks a lot like WordPress.

So this isn’t exactly the release that’ll get Movable Type — once an uncontested leader — firmly ahead in the blogging game again. The differences are still the same architectural ones (MT’s static publishing and Perl underpinnings, vs. WP’s dynamic publishing and PHP) .[…]

CMSWatch notes that MT5 Enterprise isn’t out yet.  Six Apart has this to say:

We will put Movable Type 5 under extensive scalability and performance testing before we release it in the Enterprise version. This will take several months.

Several months?  I believe in being careful as much as the next guy, but since when does scalable and performance testing for a blogging platform take several months?  You have to assume they’ve been planning for this and have a testing harness up and running for it already.

I must be naive.