Palm Still Struggling Despite the Pre

By Deane Barker on January 8, 2010

Palm Searches for Growth : This is really disappointing.  Palm can’t catch a break.

[…] the company has seen its share of the smart-phone market fall, to 10.8% in the third quarter from 17.5% at the start of 2008,

[…But Both the Pre and the Pixi] have had middling success. Last month the company said it shipped 783,000 of its phones to retailers but that consumers only snapped up 573,000 of those devices.

I have owned a Palm Pre for three months now.  It is – without question – the best piece of technology I have ever owned.

Usability is astonishingly good, and the ability for it to sync all my contacts from Facebook, Gmail, and LinkedIn is so valuable.  On top of that, we just got EVDO in Sioux Falls, and Pandora on my Pre means no more need for an iPod.

I adore this phone like it’s my fourth child.  I realize that all the cool kids have iPhones and the Google Phone is apparently awesome, but the Pre is an absolute masterpiece, and if it fails in the marketplace, I’ll be really bitter.



  1. I have had a Pre since it came out, last June I think. They have had a handful of OTA updates which have improved functionality and usability, new verions of Pre and Pixie are coming to Verizon and possibly AT&T and people are assuming that this coming summer Sprint will get a new version of the Pre – new in terms of hardware as WebOS is improved almost monthly.

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