Using Twitter to Avoid DUIs

By Deane Barker on December 31, 2009

Police fear Twitter users will thwart DUI checkpoints: Fascinating.

Police around the country will be setting up the usual sobriety checkpoints tonight, but this year there’s a new factor in play to outwit them: Twitter.

In Fresno, Calif., police say they know their checkpoints are being avoided by young drivers sending tweets. Sgt. Dave Gibeault, head of the traffic unit, tells McClatchy Newspapers his own daughter has sent him text messages about where she’s heard there is a checkpoint.



  1. This is info I could use give my absolute horrible luck. I once got pulled over 3x for DUI in 1months time with each time seeing me blow “0.00”. Once I swerved to miss an animal, another I was very tired after driving three others home after a concert (I was the DD) and I can’t remember the last. Each an every time I was shocked at how quickly the officers in question ignored the breathalyzer and sobriety results. So yes this would save me some time. Now if I only had a smart phone. ;-)

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