Google Analytics in a Box…ish

By Deane Barker on December 27, 2009

Google Analytics Blog: Coradiant/Urchin Analytics In A Box Launched : While the Google Search Appliance is often referred to as “Google search in a box,” Google and Coradiant have now released what might morph into “Google Analytics in a box.”  This is a hardware appliance loaded up with Urchin 6, which – despite my previous complaints about abandonment – appears to be much closer to Google Analytics than ever before.

Urchin analytics software has a long tradition of integrating with other software/hardware platforms, and today we are pleased to announce the latest such collaboration: Coradiant’s new Analytics In A Box (AIB). AIB is an appliance that sits behind your firewall, passively collecting web traffic data via a packet-sniffing technique

This could be a real boon to intranet scenarios.  My intranet clients would love something like Google Analytics, but due to security or compliance issues, can’t open up analytics to the outside.

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