Google to Catch Up to Office Next Year?

By Deane Barker on November 13, 2009

Google: Firms can ‘get rid’ of Office in a year : I hope that this is true, but I’m skeptical.

In a year, most enterprises will have the choice to “get rid of [Microsoft] Office if they chose to”, suggests Dave Girouard, president of Google’s enterprise division.

Girouard, one of the company’s four presidents including founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, said in an interview with ZDNet Asia that he expects Google’s online document application, Google Docs, to reach a “point of capability” next year that will serve the “vast majority’s needs”.

Printing support is currently very poor.  I can write all I want, but I have to format my document with headers and footers and all sorts of stuff for print (or even PDF) delivery.  I hope Google can pull this off, I really do.



  1. This would be great, but I agree that Google is a long way from this, particularly in the WYSIWYG area, formatting, and printing. Fix those issues, and they’ll nearly be there.

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